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Doesn’t matter if you are a retired person or student or a housewife now you make money at home in your spare time.
you can generate income without much of a struggle to create money online through the simple data entry jobs and you don’t require any expert abilities.
All you have to know is – Typing!

What is Data Entry?

Data entry just means entering the given data into the electronic formats by using information handling projects, for example, MS Word, Notepad or even in the online structures.
So the general population who do data/information entry jobs are called Data Entry workers.

Types of data entry jobs:

There are different kinds of writing jobs that go under the class of information, for example, captcha composing, simple typing composing and Forums filling and so on.
Here is the most popular information data entry work jobs.

1)Plain/simple typing work:

This is the most famous job in which you need to type given information in MS word or a scratch pad. It is the simplest work and anybody can do that.
Be that as it may, so as to make not too bad salary you have to keep up writing rate of around 30-40 WPM (words every moment)

2)Form filling work:

In this job you should fill the gave information into online forms.
You need focus on function as you are required to fill exact/correct details into the structures.

3)Captcha Solving work:

This is a typing work where you are requested to type the content appeared in captcha pictures.
You have to enter message as you find in those pictures.

4)Audio to Text jobs:

In this activity, you will be given some audio files and you need to listen to them carefully and Type in the paper format.

Best websites to get Online Data Entry Jobs:
Amazon mTurk

Online Micro job sites:
There are a lot of small-scale jobs like mTurk that offer data entry job.
The best ones are given below:

Important Note:

Freelancing sites :
These days everybody needs to work as a freelancer as there is more flexibility to function as the freelancer.
Here are some popular freelancing sites that you can experiment with.
Work on these sites and you would start making money,
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