How to start a blog

how to start a blog

Blogging Best Career Choice:

Have something in your mind that you want to publish and make it reachable all over the world? At that point Blogs can all the more likely fill your Need.
A blog or weblog is an effectively editable site page which represent a list of a post where you can speak to your ideas and mind thoughts and gather a various community of people to read you consistently. A few sites or blogs Focus on personal journals in which you easily present your thoughts about your lifestyle and on current affairs and many other business techniques to be highlighted.

It’s upon the blogger that what type of effect he needs on the blog visitors.
Many effective business people have taken the marketing tips from the online journals.
Many home business owners have taken tips from blogging to make a kinda progress.
The blogging is a simple and easy way to collect visitors the by bloggers.
The person who runs the blog is known as a “Blogger”.

Generally comprises of a blog.

“Content area where the blogger composes a post.”

  1. “An archive of established articles”
  2. “At the base, remark choice for people”
  3. “A list of connections to other related locales” or “blogrolls”
  4. “At least one channels like RSS, Atom or RDF documents.”

easy to create your own website even if you are not technical.

  1. Choose Your Website Platform:

The content administration system like ‘WORDPRESS’, ‘DRUPAL’ and ‘JOOMLA’ each of the three has made making a site available to everybody.
These stages are very easy to understand to make a site and to keep up your online content. For beginners, WordPress would go all right is amateur well disposed, totally free, will likewise give you a chance to deal with mobiles and tablets.
It’s sufficiently enough to suit everybody from small business to creative bloggers.

2)Find a Domain Name and Host:

A Domain Name is a web address name like
An administration that interfaces your website to the Internet is known as HOST.
The Word Press is a free platform yet a domain name and hosting will cost you around $3 – $5 every month.
The cost is sensible. While picking your Domain Name you need to guarantee that the name should be catchy, marked and sufficiently to fascinate the visitors.
For any web improvement program, would be the primary preference to enlist your hosting and domain name.

3)Set-Up and Tweak Your Website:

The Steps to follow outfor the same.

First Log_in your account.
Move on control panel
Search for the “website” or “Word Press” symbol
A select your domain where the website must be installed.
Tap the “Install Now” catch for getting to your new Word Press website.
When you are finished with your Installation then you can set a Theme to give an attractive and clean look to your site.
When you are finished with your theme work, you are prepared to post content.

Develop yourself by making your own blogging site however you need to keep patience for better outcomes in the same!


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